Fortified LuxurySafe Homes

A fortified safe home consists of specific building guidelines to increase the home's resistance to a wide range of threats including natural disasters, catastrophic events, forced entry, chemical attack, etc. Our Fortified Safe Homes are the ultimate "hardened structure".

SubterraneanSafe Homes

Subterranean Safe Home is a custom home that is built underground to give you the security, the sustainability, and the comfort to meet the needs of individuals that wish to “redefine the way you live”.

FortifiedSafe Rooms

Fortified Safe Rooms - Fortified safe rooms are a "hardened" room intended to provide a space for refuge. Our fortified safe rooms provide "near absolute" protection from winds over 250 mph and are completely breach-proof from any external threat.

For Security

Our underground safe homes are constructed with insulated concrete form walls and roof assemblies. These structures are not only energy efficient but...

For   Sustainability

Sustainable building, often referred to as green building, began in the early 1990’s. Today we are building better and more energy efficient homes…

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